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University of Chicago “Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM)” course

Background: Complementary and alternative medicine (CAM), such as herbal medications, acupuncture, homeopathy, etc., can be defined as those healthcare practices that are not currently considered an integral part of conventional therapies. By conservative estimates, Americans spend approximately $27 billion per year on CAM. More Americans visit CAM practitioners than primary care physicians, and a significant percentage of patients being treated by allopathic physicians are also employing CAM therapies.

Objectives: This course, presented by the University of Chicago faculty and guest speakers, aims to help medical students become familiar with most commonly used CAM practices and CAM therapies used in selected medical conditions.

Book: Yuan, C.S., Bieber, E.J. and Bauer, B.A. (eds.) 2006. Textbook of Complementary and Alternative Medicine “Second Edition”. Informa Healthcare / CRC Press: New York.

  • The following topics have been presented in the course:
  • CAM: Impact on conventional medicine, by Dr. C.S. Yuan
  • Commonly used herbal medicines, by Dr. M. Lee
  • Current status of herbal products in the U.S.A., by Dr. H. Fong
  • Acupuncture, by Dr. Y. Wang
  • Homeopathy, by Dr. T. Bark
  • Traditional Chinese medicine, by Dr. W. Xuan
  • Field trips to visit CAM practitioners’ offices
  • RealAge: Foods, nutrients and megavitamins, by Dr. M.F. Roizen
  • Two ancient medicines: Androgen and green tea, by Dr. S. Liao
  • Anti-oxidant activities of herbal medicines, by Dr. Vandan Hoek
  • Herbal medicine and drug development, by Dr. C.S. Yuan
  • Herbal/food/drug interactions, by Dr. J. Moss
  • Health is inner peace / Meditation, by Dr. H. Pokharna
  • Prayer in the clinical setting, by Dr. D. Schiedermayer
  • Reproductive biology and CAM, by Dr. E.J. Bieber
  • Ginseng pharmacology, by Dr. C.S. Yuan
  • Evidence-based medicine: Does CAM meet the standards? By Dr. R. Hammerschlag
  • Treatment of insomnia: An alternative approach, by Dr. C.S. Yuan
  • Prevention and treatment of cardiovascular disease, by Dr. M. Sorrentino
  • Risks of ephedra-containing dietary supplements, by Dr. S. Mehendale
  • CAM therapies for type 2 diabetes, by Dr. C.S. Yuan
  • What works for coronary artery disease? by Dr. M. Sorrentino
  • Are there any CAM remedies for obesity, by Dr. L. Dey
  • What should my patients know about CAM? by Dr. L. Elliott
  • What you and your patients should know before surgery? By Dr. M. Lee
  • A pediatric perspective on alternative medicine, by Dr. N. Lass