Selected Previous Seminar Topics

Selected previous seminar topics

Complementary and alternative Medicine: Why do we care? by Dr. C.S. Yuan

Herbal therapy: Snakes in the Grass, by Dr. B. Bauer

Risks of ephedra-containing dietary supplements, by Dr. S. Mehendale

Future directions in acupuncture research: Relevance to cancer treatment, by Dr. R. Hammerschlag

The power of food in the prevention and treatment of cancer, by Dr. M. Jones

The use of American ginseng in breast cancer therapeutics, Dr. L.L. Murphy

Homeopathy and its clinical applications, by Dr. T. Bark

What should my patients know about CAM, by Dr. L. Elliott

New advances in herbal medicine identification and analysis, by Dr. P. Li

Anti-cancer Oriental herbal extracts and novel compounds, by Dr. J. Lü

Molecular targets for natural product: Cancer preventive and therapeutic agents, by Dr. R. Zhang

Prostate cancer chemoprevention by silibinin: Bench to bedside, by Dr. R. Agarwal