Tang Center for Herbal Medicine Research

Tang Center for Herbal Medicine Research

One of every three Americans uses herbal therapies. Yet, less than one of 3,000 scientific studies focuses on this increasingly popular therapy. Investigators at the Tang Center are changing that.

Researchers at the Tang Center continue the long tradition of academic medicine at the University of Chicago, a place that has produced more than 90 Nobel laureates. Led by world-renowned University of Chicago researchers, the Tang Center is applying advanced science to uncover the advantages and possible dangers of herbal therapies.


The Tang Center opened at the University of Chicago in early 2000, thanks to a generous gift from the Cyrus Tang Foundations and the Tang Foundations for Research in Traditional Chinese Medicine. The Tang Foundations were founded by Cyrus Tang, President and CEO of Tang Industries, Inc., a diversified holding company that includes industrial, pharmaceutical, furniture, and real estate holdings.

Chun-Su Yuan M.D., Ph.D



Our mission is to evaluate the benefits and risks of medicinal herbs:

  • We investigate efficacy and safety of medicinal herbs and other dietary supplements supported by world-wide collaborations.
  • We promote herbal use based on evidence-based research.
  • We introduce novel herbal formulations through proprietary techniques and standardized procedures.
  • We offer educational information to healthcare professionals on usage and adverse effects of alternative therapies.
  • We provide unbiased herbal information to today’s health-conscious consumers.
  • We warn consumers and patients of potential danger and hoaxes of herbs and dietary supplements.